Loan & Debtor Management Solution



The Xpertek Loan Management system, Acquire, is an adaptable loan
management solution used to manage any debtor’s book for a variety of loan types:

Asset Finance

Rentals and Leases

Revolving Credit & Savings Accounts

Unsecured Loans

It is a centralised, web-based solution that can be hosted in the Cloud or on-premise and manages more than R18bn worth of loans across Xpertek’s client base.

Xpertek’s Acquire Loan Management Solution offers an excellent customer and financial institution experience through a comprehensive, user-friendly product.  It is an end-to-end loan management solution that can be used to manage a specific loan product from inception to settlement, whether it is asset based, unsecured, revolving credit, rental or a leasing product.  Being suitable for businesses of all sizes, loan books can be managed in real time, customer information completed, and the link exposed to an individual, SME or B2B product.

Industry related documents, which are auto populated, can be generated from the solution and linked to a specific debtor or deal.  Acquire’s extensive reporting module enables businesses to effectively manage the debtors’ book.

The scalability of Acquire is proven.  Some of our clients have only one or two users of the solution and manage a few deals, while others manage hundreds of thousands of deals across branch networks.

The Acquire loan management solution provides a single view of the client across all products,  structures and business units within your organisation.

Acquire is versatile in terms of product setup and is not limited when structuring your products to fit the strategy or vision of your business.
Within each product, you can set up:
  • Multiple fees (once-off, financed, recurring)
  • Annual escalations
  • Various interest basis points
    ( 360/365, 360/360)
  • Fixed, flexible, multiple interest rates
  • Penalty interest rates on arrears
  • Payment holidays, interest only payments, flexible payment structures
  • Payouts to multiple beneficiaries

Acquire for
Asset Finance

Xpertek has been assisting companies in the asset-based industry for many years. The Loan Management Solution is a versatile, configurable asset finance solution capable of managing the asset finance lifecycle for an unrivalled list of asset classes e.g., home loans, vehicles, medical equipment, yellow metal financing etc.

The Asset Finance solution Xpertek provides enables the following processes!

  • Origination of asset finance deals with automated or manual credit vetting
  • Flexible fee structures
  • Flexible payment structures, including payment holidays and residual values
  • Recording of assets
  • Recording of securities like Natis documents or title deeds, sessions, suretyships etc

Rentals &

Renting and leasing assets is an integral part of most businesses and those companies which provide equipment and/or assets operate in a specialized lending market.  The entire cycle of a rental or lease can be managed with our Acquire Rental and Leasing solution.

Acquire handles the following processes with ease:

  • Secondary rentals
  • Origination of the rental or lease with all credit vetting and compliance requirements recorded according to your industry
  • Operating and financial leases
  • Rentals, whether discounted or financed inhouse, disclosed or non-disclosed

Revolving Credit or
Savings Accounts

The Xpertek Revolving Credit solution caters for both transactional and savings accounts.  Typically, the revolving credit products managed on Acquire are for closed-loop credit card accounts, overdrafts or loans with open-ended terms.

The revolving credit solution removes the administration and human element from the process by automating repayment on those accounts that do not have fixed capital repayments.  The lending system manages day-to-day spending and collections based on the lender’s specific business rules interest rates, repayment schedules and product features.

The revolving credit module has the following features:

  • Comprehensive rules engine for product creation and maintenance
  • Automated statements on multiple cycles
  • Adjustable credit limits, limit expiry/review dates
  • Payment reconciliation with merchants, employers or for debit order payments and
  • It offers capital or instalment priority.


Acquire Lite is Xpertek’s vanilla system and is an ideal choice for the management of unsecured loans or a start up lending business.  This basic loan management solution provides the lender with the ability to capture customers, deals, employers, suppliers and other role players.

Human intervention is removed which reduces unnecessary errors. Acquire Lite manages the following seamlessly in one customer-centric solution:

  • credit vetting
  • quotations
  • amortisations
  • interest calculations and
  • pay-outs, and collections.

Premium Billing
(Recurring Billing)

The Acquire Premium Billing module is used for any recurring billing. It caters to fixed amounts over a specific term. There is no capital linked to the Premium Billing Collections.

Premium Billing functionality is ideal for the following collections but can be done for any recurring payment:

  • Funeral policies
  • Insurance premiums
  • Membership fees
  • Monthly Donations / Contributions
  • Subscriptions

What Our Clients Say


Key Personnel

Amanda Wilken

Project Manager
Amanda Wilken is the head of the project team at Xpertek Group. She manages all development and implementation of projects for new as well as existing clients. Amanda joined Xpertek as a Consultant in 2008. She brings 17 years’ experience in the financial industry to the group. Having worked for a financial services provider, she now sits on the “other side of the fence”. Her team implements and supports debtor management systems for the financial services industry across the financial products. She has a solid project management approach and believes in customer service excellence. Amanda is married with 2 young children and enjoys country living in “Haartees”.

Wilbert Tamboer

Support Manager
Wilbert oversees the support team at Xpertek. He has rolled out solutions while in the system provider’s role and as the client. Wilbert has detailed insights into the Acquire system and the lending business in general. His experience spans working at Standard Bank, Citibank, and Grofin Services. He implemented systems similar to Acquire and perfectly integrated Acquire at S A Taxi Finance and Select International as Systems Administrator. Wilbert’s wealth of knowledge in business and system support is invaluable to the team.

Niven Pillay

Manager – Development
Niven, after having worked for several years in application support and development in both the Banking and Media industries, joined the Xpertek Development team in 2012. He is an accomplished pianist and enjoys spending his free time with his family when he is not at the gym. Niven is an avid supporter of South African sport, Formula One, and Liverpool Football Club – “You’ll never walk alone!”

Anneke Weber

Sales and Customer Relations
Anneke has worked in the finance industry for many years. She started her career in banking in an internal audit position before moving to debt collection. In 2011 she joined Xpertek as the Customer Relationship Manager for Acquire and SFI. Anneke is passionate about keeping her Xpertek client base happy.

Our Partners

Our partners are an integral part of our team. Each company has a key role to play in ensuring the products, services and executions are seamless.

We have built and nourished each relationship over time to guarantee a smooth and integrated service offering to our clients.

Each of these companies is at the forefront of their industry, constantly improving their service offering so we can do the same for our clients.

Axiz Workgroup

based in South Africa, Axiz Workgroup is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pinnacle Holdings Group. They distribute Rocket products and the U2 database to their clients. They focus on marketplace solutions including transactions from consumers to companies.


Kakono supply a wide range of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services. They service both consumers and business clients in a myriad of industries throughout Africa. They are a member to various partner programs, with vendors that own best of breed ICT Solutions. Kakono invest in building or acquiring the required competencies to enable seamless solution integration.


is a privately held software development firm with business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC, Fujitsu, HP Enterprise Services, Hitachi Data Systems, and others. The company has more than 1200 employees, and is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA.

U2 World

The Universe database (U2) worldwide partner portal for interactive features and case study material. They span five continents and focus on functionality of software and interfaces.

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