SFI eVolve

International Payment Processing Hub


Payment Processing Hub

SFI eVolve manages the entire payments process from originator to destination account.

SFI eVolve is an internationally used payment switching and processing hub with a trusted reputation among banking institutions worldwide, it processes in excess of R22bn a month through its payment switching solution.

The SFI Switch is a processing engine implemented at a bank from where all payment files submitted are processed to various destination banks.

Encrypted files are submitted through the SFI Client front end, decrypted, and processed by the recipient bank.

It is a web-based, configurable software product that delivers transaction aggregation, processing and distribution functionality in a high-speed, real-time environment from anywhere with an Internet connection.

It is designed to streamline the processing of any salary, dividend, or collections file.

1. SFI eVolve

This module has two integrated sections.

SFI Client, which is the front end used by corporates to transact and upload files for processing, and

SFI Switch which is the back-end processing engine that processes payments and various other types of files based on pre-determined business rules. It is a secure, web-based middleware switch used for clearing and settlement, Internet banking, and batch and bulk file processing.

It also has a flexible, robust and configurable charging engine that allows the business to charge variable commission amounts to the bearer being either the corporate customer, beneficiary, or both.


  • Income generator through the raising of charges from transactions processed.
  • Because it is a web-based solution hosted centrally, it is quick to roll out to corporate clients and additional branches by providing access to the web front end.
  • High volumes of transactions can be processed quickly.
  • Securely transfers payment data
  • Drives down operational costs
  • Increases productivity and decreases processing time
  • Delivers better service to customers
  • An unlimited number of transactions
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient

2. Service Fees Module

This module allows the bank to maintain the logic and rules for billing and fees independently from the core banking, transactional and accounting systems.

Process any internal account-based service fees in line with specific business rules, e.g., cash deposit fees, product-specific charges, customer-centric fees based on transacting, balances, bundled products, etc.

Ultimately, the service fees module vastly increases the profitability of the bank.


  • Income generator through raising fees on all banking transactions
  • Fees can be raised at pre-set intervals
  • Raising fees is an automated process ensuring timeous and correct collection of all fees
  • Fees raised can be fixed, variable, tiered or based on minimum / maximum amounts.








And Settlement


Internet Banking



What Our Clients Say

"We've used the SFI Payment Switch in country for many years with great success. The application has given us the competitive edge in securing business in the government and private sector. It has contributed to an increased profit year on year ever since we implemented the solution."
Commercial Bank in Africa


Key Personnel

Anneke Weber

Divisional Head

Anneke is the Divisional Head of the SFI business having been appointed in 2015 after four years’ managing customer relations for Acquire and SFI. Her experience in the finance industry spans many years, having started in an internal audit position and then moving to debt collection. Anneke successfully manages the operations of SFI and handles customer relations within the Xpertek Group.

Firoz Basser

Senior Developer

Firoz has 23 years’ experience in the IT business with proven excellence in programming and networking. His skills are in Visual Basic 6, Java, databases, (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle), IBM MQ, analysis and design. He has been part of the SFI team since 2004. Originally, he worked on the legacy 5.2 system and was an important member of the team, that engineered the later SFI eVolve system written in Java. Personally, Firoz is an unpaid au-pair, go-karting, DIY and Arduino enthusiast.

Johan Bekker

Senior Consultant

Johan received his teacher’s diploma in 1996 and taught for 3 years before he joined the SFI team in January 2000. Johan is very customer focused and is responsible for training and business analyses at clients. He handles implementation, support, testing and documentation across the client base falling under his portfolio. This requires him to do quite a lot of international travel, which he thoroughly enjoys. Johan has two boys who keeps him next to the sport fields over weekends. He is also an avid fisherman when he has time.

Molefe Mathebula

Senior Consultant

Molefe is skilled in business analysis, Ms SQL Server, system implementation, MS SQL and Sybase and database administration. Molefe also manages training and software documentation for his portfolio of clients. He has been in the industry for many years and has vast knowledge of business requirements in the banking industry. Molefe is married with children and is a keen supporter of international soccer.

Simangele Shongwe


Simangele is a driven, dynamic and motivated individual with a solid background in business analysis. Sma has a degree in Information Technology and has been in the banking industry for 5 years. She worked as a system administrator prior to joining SFI in 2017. In her current role as a consultant, she supports clients on general system requests, training on software evolutions and new release testing. Sma is family oriented and loves swimming and reading.