Compuscan and Scoresharp sold to Experian

Actis, the leading emerging markets investor, has sold Compuscan, and ScoreSharp to Experian for ZAR3.72bn.

The deal will only be completed once it has been approved by the competition commission in South Africa and given the go ahead. 

Compuscan started in South Africa in 1994,  as a credit bureau aimed at the micro-lending industry. 

It enabled micro-lenders to avoid bad debt by highlighting clients’ ability to pay back their loans before giving them a loan.

Compuscan and Scoresharp merger

In 2011 Compuscan merged with ScoreSharp.

In 2014, Actis created CSH by buying a majority shareholding in Compuscan and ScoreSharp. Their strategy was to buy companies, build them up to be profitable and then sell them back into the market.

With them buying both Compuscan and Scoresharp, they wanted to expand the product offering and create one of the leading credit bureaus in Africa.

Today CSH is a full-service credit bureau and information services provider, that offers credit information services, decision analytics services, marketing services, and loyalty/rewards services.

They operate across nine countries.

These countries include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Ethiopia, and Uganda, as well as in the Philippines and Australia.

Ali Mazanderani, a partner at Actis, said: “When we joined forces with Compuscan and ScoreSharp. We knew that we were backing a brilliant team, all with the same outlook and ambition.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved together. It has been an incredible journey.” 

We want to thank Remo Lenisa, the CEO of Compuscan, Pieter Van Heerden, the CEO of ScoreSharp, Michael Jordaan, the CSH chairman, and the whole CSH team.

Responsible Investing

Dave Cooke, a partner at Actis, added: “Compuscan and ScoreSharp are great businesses.

This investment further shows our track record in identifying high growth African businesses, adding value and successfully selling to qualified buyers.”

“We want to make sure that we grow African companies through responsible investing and our expertise in turning around companies.”

Benefits of Automation

Using software that can automate many of the tasks that normally take a lot of manpower, can reduce mistakes and speed up admin tasks.

Reporting can be at the touch of a button, thus allowing for more company insights to be seen quicker.

With faster reports, more in-depth insights and easy to read dashboards, management can move quicker to solve problems in the business. 

Well run and businesses that make money, can also help with the job issues on the continent, which is a key factor that all companies in Africa need to focus on in the upcoming years. 

Using automation is not about reducing staff, but rather about being more efficient, accurate and getting to the end point faster.

Actis has now invested over USD4.5bn to Africa and done deals with over 33 companies.”

Actis is an award winning private equity company.

The Xpertek Group

The Xpertek Group is a leading provider of a variety of software solutions. These products help companies automate admin parts of their business. 

Our footprint covers more than 18 countries all over the world. 

The software will help companies reduce human errors and time spent on admin tasks.

From 2003, our business has grown to meet companies needs for specialised solutions to simplify and automate their systems.

However, our vision remains; firstly to build close relationships with our clients to deliver personalised solutions. Secondly, increase their business’s efficiency. And finally, their productivity and growth

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