B2B Lending – Get the Edge with Xpertek

Knowing how to gain the competitive edge is what you need right now. For lenders, margins can be tight, risk can be high, and competition rife. Any opportunity to reduce costs and increase performance is crucial for growth and increasing profit.  

When you include the Xpertek systems into your business, the opportunities for a competitive edge increase dramatically.

How Xpertek can help you

Xpertek’s loan management solution offers better financial management of your loan book. These are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Improved customer satisfaction

As you store the data centrally, it can facilitate quick query response, and faster turnaround times. The quicker your customer get’s a solution, the happier they are.

  • Reduced human error

Payment calculations and collections are all automated. There is less margin for error: fewer errors, fewer costly mistakes. You can increase your profitability with less room for error. As the industry has very tight margins, these additional cost savers are welcome.

  • Improve staff productivity

By having readily available data, it will save valuable employee time. It will increase productivity and enable staff to spend time on value-added services to the client. When your clients feel valued, they will stick with you.

Staff who are currently overloaded due to downsizing, can focus on the important tasks, as opposed to searching for information.

  • Informed decisions with dashboards and reporting

Use digital dashboards to recognise client behavior patterns, which allow for early intervention if required. Detailed reporting keeps management, funders, and shareholders up to speed of the health of the business. Staff spend less time on reporting, and will free them up for more profitable tasks.

  • Improved Compliance and Risk Management

We use industry best practices within the loan process flow, integrate compliance requirements, risk management, collections, and delinquency analysis. 

Only those deals that match the company’s risk profile get approval. New deals follow the specified origination and credit process, which reduces the risk of non-compliance.

Ultimately, you don’t need to be concerned about not being compliant and legal in the event of an audit.

About Xpertek

Xpertek is a South African company and leading provider of software solutions focused on the financial industry. Above all, we are a global player, with a footprint in more than 18 countries.

From its inception in 2003, Xpertek has evolved to meet the business community’s need for specialised systems. We provide loan, rental, leasing, and payment processing solutions. We help you to manage and address business challenges for lending companies and financial institutions. 

In conclusion, Xpertek’s solutions give you a competitive edge with a customised or Saas offering. Please speak to us today about your lending business and how our solution can benefit you. 

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